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Captives of the Night by Loretta Chase

Friday, July 15, 2011

Captives of the Night
Scoundrels #2

Loretta Chase
Historical Romance
First published in 1994

H/h - Ismal Delvina/Leila Beaumont
Setting: Paris/England, 1828.

Read in Oct, 2010.
My rating:

This is Ismal's (the villain from The Lion's Daughter) book and takes place 10 yrs after that one. Ismal has changed quite a bit and I really really liked him here. He's works as a spy and in France on a mission, where he meets Leila, the suspect's wife; a very talented artist. The whole book takes place about that mission and then, the husband (one disgusting personage) dies; things become more complicated. Leila and Ismal fall in love. In between, the story tells us both about Ismal's transformation and Leila's past, how she came to marry a man like Francis in the first place and her miserable married life, also how she is related to the 'twist' not only by her husband but also, by her father's death. Though this is the 2nd book in the series, the plot of Lord of Scoundrel takes place almost simultaneously but mostly in England. Ismal is mentioned there briefly, when the hero Dain was in Paris. Ismal impressed my a lot and I ended up giving it a 5 stars. :)

These are some random comments by me:

Well, so far the plot is believable and interesting. I've read 7 chp so far. But, I'll have to see if Ismal is really redeemable! :/

Going kinda slow bt liking it nonetheless. I like Ismal, can't say why and Leila ... well, I can sympathize with her, somehow I can understand her even though some see her as spoiled and prone to throwing tantrums. She seems lost though she tries not to show it. I don't know what to think abt Francis, tryin to hate him bt still can't ... I should, shouldn't I? :s

Let's see how things go ...

Lord I'm really liking this one so far. I LOVED the 1st love scene, the intensity left me sighing! I don't recognize this Ismal, really. Then again he's got 10yrs. to mature himself to someone very enigmatic. I liked his confession to Leila. And I still like Leila, she's temperamental yet she's trying her best. I see a lot of myself in her lolz :p! Now, have to see how she handles it when Ismal tells it all in the end.

About Francis, I'm no longer confused bt no comments from me. He's pathetic, even in death! :|

Stayed up last night reading the last 5 chps, which left me sighing. Yah, it didn't finish the way I might've imagined bt made me jealous of Leila for sure! ... Then again, Ismal and Leila were perfect for each other no doubt. 5 stars. :)


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