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Promo Spotlight: A Kiss Beneath the Stars by S.L. Sterling

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Today, I'm hosting a promo on S.L. Sterling's latest release, A Kiss Beneath the Stars, as a part of the ongoing VBT. Also find some teasers for your enjoyment.
A Kiss Beneath The Stars
S.L. Sterling
Release Date: August 13, 2018 
Cover Designer: T.E. Black Designs
After a brutal loss and messy divorce, surf, sand, and sun in the tropics are just what Autumn Taylor needs. What she doesn’t expect is the devastatingly handsome pain in the ass who doesn’t take no for an answer.

Hunter Malone’s only priority after separating from his crazy ex is to enjoy vacation with his brothers. Laying eyes on a stunning brunette named Autumn changes all that.

What begins as a whirlwind romance has the potential to be something more. But the past always seems to have a way of complicating things. As things get tough for Autumn, she starts pushing away the best thing that has happened to her. Will Hunter stay by her side when she needs him most? Or will he let her push him away?

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Release Day Blitz: Filthy Savage by Bella Love-Wins

Thursday, August 16, 2018

I'm hosting a promo, today, on Bella Love-Wins's latest erotic MC romance release, Filthy Savage (Satan's Saints #3), as a part of the ongoing VBT. Also find a long excerpt for your enjoyment.
Filthy Savage
Bella Love-Wins
(Satan's Saints #3)
Published: August 16, 2018 
I thought my demons were behind me... until my Angel showed up.

For years, I kept a savage hiding beneath the surface. All that time, it threatened to break out and unleash the storm of my past. But when our MC starts to evolve from outlaw arms dealer to a legitimate private protection and security company, my past can no longer stay buried.

Then Angel walks into my life, and all hell breaks loose.
She's a curvy, unassuming librarian. She's hot as hell and made just for me.

But can she handle a man like me? Is she ready for the ride of her life with a man standing in the eye of a storm that's heading right for us both?

Either way, she's going to be mine.

AUTHORS NOTE: Filthy Savage is the third standalone story in the Satan's Saints MC romance series. It's a wild, emotionally dark, and dangerous full length romance with a happily ever after ending. By popular demand, this story is an all-human MC spin on the book originally titled Bruised MC Bear by Bella Love-Wins. Each book in the series can be read in any order.

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Primrose and the Dreadful Duke by Emily Larkin

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Primrose and the Dreadful Duke
Garland Cousins #1

Emily Larkin
Historical Romance
Published in 2018 [requested review]

H/h - Oliver Dasenby, the Duke of Westfell/Lady Primrose Garland
Setting: Regency-era.

Read in August, 2018.
My rating:

                                                             [spoiler alert]

I’ve been eagerly waiting for the sequel to Emily Larkin’s Baleful Godmother series for quite a few months now. Primrose and the Dreadful Duke, is the first in the Garland Cousins series and I’m happy to say it was a delightful read mostly because I adored our H and the h, Oliver and Primrose. Of course, I do love Emily’s writing style, so all in all, this was a great initiation to a new series!

Though Primrose and the Dreadful Duke can be read as a standalone, I’d suggest you read the Baleful Godmother series and its prequels containing 4 books, titled the Fey Quartet. The prequels are set in the ancient times when magic seemed real and Fae roamed the earth. You get to know why a family of females were gifted with special powers by a cold and scary-looking Fae named Baletongue. It began with the Miller Family; Widow Miller and her 3 daughters Hazel, Ivy and Larkspur. Then the female descendants of their families were gifted by Baletongue with a special power, what you can also call a ‘super power’ of their choice. The wish would be granted when they turn from somewhere between 21 and 25 depending on which sister they descended from. Girls born from a male descendant won’t inherit it and if a female who was the last of a line inheriting special power either lived her life as a spinster, or passed away without having a daughter, that line would die with her.

The Baleful Godmother series is Regency set and contains 5 books and a novella, each telling the story of a girl descended from the Millers one way or the other. Some of them were cousins; others didn’t even know they had relatives with special powers until circumstances brought them together! It was a super fun series, and apart from book 1, I enjoyed them all. The novella is M/M, with 2 male characters appearing in the installment right before it. It doesn’t really connect to the theme of the series directly but the state of affairs in both books went simultaneously, so it’s connected that way. The novella was written in a way that if M/M isn’t your cup of tea you can skip it. I read and loved it myself. :)

Book 1, Unmasking Miss Appleby is of Charlotte’s and book 2, Resisting Miss Merryweather is of Merry’s. They’re cousins. Book 3, Trusting Miss Trentham is about Letitia Trentham who turns out to be Charlotte and Merry’s distant relative. Book 3.5 is the M/M novella, between one of Letitia’s cousins and his best friend. Book 4, Ruining Miss Wrotham and book 5, Discovering Miss Darlymple aren’t directly connected to the first installments but by the theme, though I think Charlotte and Merry do make appearances in book 4. I’m sure all those ladies are relatives one way or the other, whether they know each-other or not.

Blurb Blitz and Giveaway: Flip the Beat by Roxanne D. Howard

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Today, I'm hosting a promo on Roxanne D. Howard's latest new adult romance release, Flip the Beat, as a part of the ongoing blurb blitz tour. Also find an excerpt for your enjoyment.

Roxanne D. Howard will be awarding a $10 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. 

Flip the Beat
Roxanne D. Howard
Published: July 10, 2018


Molly Ivers thought she found Prince Charming, but without a devilishly sexy accent, and six months ago she gave into their undeniable attraction. But the swarm of ever-present groupies was so not part of the fairy tale. As much as it hurt her heart, she shut out rocker Evan Castle.

Now, on the verge of finishing her graduate degree and moving to Paris—she even hires a French life coach—Molly begins to realize Evan, who hasn't given up on her, might be the man of her dreams after all.

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