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I'm a ThyCa survivor since 2004

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Words I Might Use

I might use these words frequently in my reviews!

Some of the genres:

HR - historical romance
            usually set in the past; under historical romance there are plenty of options like Regency, Georgian, Medieval-era settings, sometimes some Westerns (set in Texas) are also called a historical romance because of the era.

Contemporary - set in the recent/present times.

PNR - paranormal romance (can be HR or Contemporary).

Fantasy - where the setting, even characters defy reality ie: mythical creatures and so on are included.

Erotica - where the love scenes are very bold and scorching hot with coarse/graphic words, most of the times the story revolves around the H/h's sexual needs. I prefer to read M/F (where the H/h are not engaged in gay (M/M), lesbian (F/F), ménage, taboo etc. type of relationships) but nowadays I'm trying a little of ménage. I'm not a big fan of BDSM but light BDSM is ok with me, preferably in a M/F relationship. Erotic non-con or non-consent are where the stories are darker than usual, narrations of torture, rape, violence, incest etc. are included.

Time Travel - where the characters time travel through various centuries or the element of time travel is in a book.

Note: these aren't the only genres in Romance nowadays, I've only mentioned the one's I've read and will update with more information later.


H/h or H/H or h/h - Hero/heroine

POV(s) - point of view(s)

TSTL - too stupid to live

HEA - happily ever after

ILU - i love you

Bleh! or Meh! - don't care about that particular situation/character!

BTW - by the way

IMO - in my opinion

FGS - for God's sake

TBH - to be honest

ASAP - as soon as possible

RL - real life (unless it's RLM, that's author R. L.Mathewson )

- what the f*ck

SOB - son of a b*tch

LMAO - laughing my a$$ off

DNF - did not finish

PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Read more from Wiki - PTSD.

GR - Goodreads

D/s - in BDSM; Dominant/submissive

Sometimes I use shortcuts of the authors' names, ie: CF (Charlotte Featherstone) or LK (Lisa Kleypas). If you don't get it right, please check out the author's name of the review you're reading. Of course, leave a comment with your question for further clarification. Since I was being lazy, I'll try to explain.

I'll add more words when I remember them.

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