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Guest Post: Modern Day Millie by Loni Lynne, Author of Distilled Spirits

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Today, I'm super excited to be hosting author Loni Lynne, whose paranormal romance, Distilled Spirits, has just been released. Here is this lovely piece of writing, an interview of the lead character Millie Taylor from Old Town tavern of Kings Mill for you. Also find a promo on Distilled Spirits along with an excerpt. Hope you enjoy it as much as it did!

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“Millie Taylor—Modern Day Millie”
Character Interview from Millie Taylor of Distilled Spirits by Loni Lynne

Having interviewed many characters for my sequel to Wanted: One Ghost, Distilled Spirits, I wasn’t looking to do anything with April Branford’s unique family of fun females just yet. So one day, Millie Taylor showed up in my office as I was working on another project. She sat down in my winged back chair in her ethereal state and gave me a look of interest and asked me why I hadn’t considered her story.

Millie: Are ye afraid I might be too saucy for your readers?

Me: No of course not. But you did have a relationship with the hero in my first book. How would people react to you coming back to haunt him?

Millie: I’ve read and seen your news from the Telly-vision and the Kings Mill Gazette, people are more acceptable to women and our lifestyles, so why not mine? (She shrugged.)

Me: How can I in all honesty have my readers enjoy your character if you are wanting to steal James Addison from April?

Millie: (snorting) Ye think I want James? Well, I do still have feelings for him but…I’m ready to move on. I’m not necessarily looking for a man. I’ve been takin’ care of meself for quite a while and even before me death. I’m not sayin’ I don’t enjoy a man’s company but they can be bloody fools, keepin’ us women all caged in corsets and slavin’ us to hostin’ their taverns and tendin’ their young.

Me: So you don’t approve of the woman’s roll in your previous society?

Millie: We were at best coddled. At worst we were no better than the cows given milk in the fields. (She stood and danced around my office, stopping to look at my various books on my shelves.) I want to read, did you know James helped me to read? But I also want to run the tavern. I’ve learned so much seein’ everything takin’ place over the years. I know it still belongs to Dave Rogers but I want to be an important member of the team.

Me: You are, Millie. You are the ghost, the legend that keeps people fascinated about the tavern.

Millie: No, I am a fascination because of my past with James Addison, Kings Mill’s founding father. (Her shoulders slump.) But I am so much more but no one really cares.

Me: That’s not true…or I wouldn’t have mentioned you at all in Wanted: One Ghost. But I understand. I haven’t painted you into very polite society.

Millie: Pshaw! I ain’t no lady! In fact, I wish I could wear those pants like you are wearing…

Me: Blue Jeans? Really?

Millie: I want to wear pants, drive an automobile, have an equal partnership in the business…James always told me I could cipher numbers really good! I had a head for business. He was one of the few who would listen to me and my dreams…but then… (She becomes sad.)

Me: I know. He was cruelly murdered. But Fate had plans for him…

Millie: And what if Fate has plans for me? What if I could be alive again? Could I do the things I’ve dreamed of?

Me: (Deep in thought.) You know, I think you could. I just don’t know how I could tell your story. (Reaching for my yellow legal pad to take notes.) First off, I’d need to know how you died.

Millie: I don’t know. I don’t remember. Am I supposed to remember though?

Me: I can’t answer that for you anymore than you can. (I put my pencil down but pick it up again as I begin to do a character sketch of Millie…blonde hair, wildly put up in a loose knot, tendrils hanging around her face, sassy with a body to match…colonial tavern serving wench clothes…) But maybe together we can figure things out. Tell me as much as you can remember and we’ll go from there.

Millie: Okay…but I have to be back soon.

Me: Where? Where are you going?

Millie: I usually just hang around the tavern. I’ll sit in the rafters and watch the goings-on, do a few things to see if anyone will notice. I used to steal Dave’s wife’s stapler and hide it from her. (She giggles, playfully.) But lately…

Me: Lately, what?

Millie: I can’t figure it out? I feel like something is about to happen to me, Kings Mill, I don’t know…something important, though.

(I nod, taking in her look of worry and consternation. She begins to fade.)

Me: Wait! Don’t go…

Millie: I can’t stop meself…but do me a favor. Write a story for me…”

Me: I’m a paranormal romance writer. It has to have romance and a Happily Ever After or at least a Happily for Now.

Millie: So pair me up with a handsome man…and make us happy. Only you can do that.

Me: I’ll try. Take care, Millie—and thanks for the inspiration.

Millie: Don’t thank me, yet. I can be quite a handful. (She winks.)

Me: (Laughing) Looking forward to finding out just how much of a handful you can be. You sound like a lot of fun. (Millie fades completely from my office.) Yeah, this is going to be a lot of fun.

Hope you all enjoy Millie Taylor’s story, Distilled Spirits, as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Remember…Believe in Fate!

Loni Lynne
Distilled Spirits
Loni Lynne
Published: December 15, 2014 by Crescent Moon Press

Kings Mill, Maryland’s 200 year old, Old Town Tavern and Inn is in danger of being destroyed to make room for urban renewal. Residential tavern ghost, Millie Taylor is not about to take the news lying down. If anyone destroys her only home and sense of security, it will be over her dead body!

Tavern owner, Dave Rogers hires former vice cop Sean Lightfoot’s construction company to renovate his family tavern in hopes of keeping it from destruction. When Sean digs up the tavern springhouse, he resurrects the ghost of Millie Taylor. Now he has his business to run, a tavern to renovate and a sassy, brash tavern wench who is eager to be an independent modern Millie.

Mystery, suspense and romance abound as Millie and Sean fight an attraction crossing the span of time. But is Millie really alive and what’s hiding in the springhouse that haunts her?

Buy Link:

Sequel to...
Wanted: One Ghost
Available Now!!

An Excerpt from Distilled Spirits:

Awake and shaken to his core Sean couldn’t control the tremors racing through his body. She’d been here, sitting beside him on the bed as if it were the most natural thing to do. Anyone watching him sleep would be creepy but especially a ghost—even one as beautiful as she was. She’d smiled, touched him. His hand went to his chest and he could swear she’d taken his heat with the touch of her fingers. Maybe he’d dreamed it. He’d fallen asleep sitting up, waking as he nodded off a few times—maybe he’d only dreamed she’d been here.
Grabbing the blankets tighter against him, he reached over to turn on the light, but with each click of the turnkey knob, there was no light. Damn! He must have blown the bulb. Had he left it on while he’d worked? In the dark he reached for his pad. It was there beside him.
Screw this. He stumbled out of bed, nearly tripping over the tangled covers around him. He searched for the light switch near the door, illuminating the whole room. She was definitely gone—if she’d been there at all. He rubbed the back of his neck. He must have fallen asleep. He’d been known to do that occasionally.
Walking to the bed he picked up the tablet. It had gone into sleep mode. Turning it on, it illuminated his earlier designs. He sat back down on the bed, studying his ideas. He’d enlarged the whole room’s interior to make a larger bathroom and more room for a queen sized bed. Some rooms would have tubs and others would have stand-up showers only.
New toilets and vanities—he stopped, looking at the outline of the single sink cabinet and the label. There over the “i” in the word vanity was a tiny daisy with five petals, the dot of the “i” its center.
There was no way in hell he’d done that. He did not make girly flourishes in his work, personal writing or ever.
“Millie.” His voice cracked with disbelief.
About the Author:

Born in north-central Michigan, Loni Lynne still loves the quiet woods, lakes and rivers in Otsego County and the Victorian era bay side houses of Little Traverse Bay. But after decades of moving around the country as a child and twenty-five years of marriage to her personal hero, she calls western Maryland her home.

Serving in the United States Navy didn’t prepare her for the hardest job ever, being a stay at home mom, to her two wonderful daughters. After years of volunteering as a scout leader, PTA officer, and various other volunteer positions, all while still writing snippets of story ideas, her husband decided it was time for her to put her heart to finishing a story. He gave her a laptop, portable hard drive and his blessings to have a finished manuscript, ready to be sent out to the masses in one year. He created a writing monster.

Wanted: One Ghost became her first published book in 2013. The sequel, Distilled Spirits is more ghosts, romance and some of the characters from Wanted: One Ghost coming back to say hello. With the help of her friends, family and friends of the romance writing community, Loni Lynne is pursuing her love of telling stories written from her heart.

Author Links:

(Note: I received this character interview+promo from the author. ~Punya)


Loni Lynne said...

Thanks Punya for having Millie and I on your site today! Merry Christmas everyone!

Punya said...

You're welcome Loni. Merry Christmas! x

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