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Release Day Blitz and Giveaway: Twin Reasoning by Dee Avila

Monday, October 06, 2014

The release day blitz for Dee Avila's new adult romance, Twin Reasoning (Pool Boys #1), is taking place today. I'm hosting a promo and an excerpt in this post as a part of it. The giveaway includes a $25 Amazon/B&N GC, signed paperback and a swag pack, so don't forget to enter via rafflecopter below!
Twin Reasoning
Dee Avila
(Pool Boys #1)


Sloan Smith built a wall around his broken heart. After his ex-girlfriend crushed him, he threw himself into the only thing that mattered: his future.

Sloan’s life consisted of two things: the gym and sleep. The discipline it took to build his physique and push himself further than ever was worth it. Until his twin brother Sebastian presented him with a job, he couldn’t refuse. The money he would make with Divine Services would help him enter as many Body Building competitions as he could and help him reach his goal of being on stage in Vegas, sooner.

Katelynn Ashton, the only girl he cared about, couldn’t have chosen a worse time to admit her feelings for him. No matter how Sloan felt about her, he wouldn’t start a relationship with her while he was a Pool Boy.

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An Excerpt from Twin Reasoning:


Entering the dark house, the smell of vanilla wafts through the air and I follow the carpet runner down the hall to Tegan’s room. Her door is cracked open and candle light filters through the darkness. Tegan sits poised on the end of her bed in a nurse’s outfit. Her large breast nestled up high on her chest with the white shiny material stretched across. The red cross on the breast pocket distorted. The bright red heels covering her feet draw my eyes there. I start my appraisal of her lace-covered legs to where they end in red bows at the top of her knees. Her mini-skirt with fluffy shit grazes the top of her thighs, she must have noticed where I am staring because she uncrosses and crosses her legs flashing me shiny red undies.

I take a step closer to her as I grip the bottom of my tee pulling it up and over my head. As I approach the bed, I stop and kick off my shoes. No words are needed. We know what we are here for; I am there to satisfy her and her me. Licking my bottom lip, I place a hand on either side of her hips. I dip my head to the crook of her neck and slide my tongue up to her ear, nibbling on her soft vanilla scented skin.

Tegan’s hands travel up my sides, her fingers brushing my skin softly. I close my eyes trying to control the need to take her without any of the seducing. Tegan glides her hands up to my chest, tweaking my nipple piercings before shoving me away.

“I’m not wearing this so you could skip to the best part. Get up there so I can give you a thorough check up!” She stands in front of me with her hand on her hip and the other one pointing toward the head of her bed.
About the Author:

Dee Avila is a mother of four that enjoys reading and writing. You can catch her at anytime with her note app open, people watching.

She lives in a small community in California and loves to tie the small-town feel into her writing.

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(Note: I received this release day blitz+giveaway info from Give Me Books. ~Punya)


Dee Avila Books said...

Thank you so much for sharing my new release. I appreciate the support!

Punya said...

You're welcome. x

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