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Book Blitz: Someone to Come Home To by Zanne Sweeney

Friday, October 03, 2014

As the first tour of October, I'm glad to be hosting this book blitz on Zanne Sweeney's contemporary romance, Someone to Come Home To. Also find an excerpt for your enjoyment.
Someone to Come Home To*
Zanne Sweeney

A romance novel packed with suspense and intrigue. 

Placed into Witness Protection, Kit Taylor, formerly Karen Sue Murphy, now a self -imposed loner, slowly pieces her shattered life back together in beautiful Steamboat Springs Colorado. Jess Ryan, a firefighter and Explosive’s Expert just back from Afghanistan, is haunted with demons of his own. When they meet the attraction is undeniably. However, unwitting influences jeopardize their new relationship. Separate and equally dangerous undertakings lead them into perilous situations that test their courage and ultimately their love for each other.

This romantic thriller is offered in two versions. The Uncut Edition contains adult content and is intended for mature readers. The Abridged Edition is a milder in content.

*Uncut Edition.
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An Excerpt from Someone to Come Home To (Uncut Edition):

“Jess, if it’s one thing I do know it’s that you aren’t it’s a liar. I believe you.”
Jess relaxed seemingly relieved.
“Okay now for you.”
“Bud talked you into going out tonight?”
“Yea, I was his wing man.” She grinned lamely. “It was the first time I’ve gone out, you know unattached, since I got here over a year ago.” Jess smiled sadly at her then blew out a breath.
“How much do you like Cole?”
“What? Hey!”
“Answer me.”
“You’re doing that pushy Neanderthal thing again.”
Jess’ voice got quiet. “I’ve known Cole almost my whole life. He’s one of the best guys I know. The guy has everything going for him, looks, personality, and more money that you can shake a stick at, plus he’s got a great spread just outside of town. If you like him I’m going to bow out now, even though it’ll kill me. I can’t compete with him, never have and never will.”
Kit was blown away by what he said. Jess truly believed someone was better than him. Her heart tore apart for her handsome man looking so serious and troubled. Quickly wiping the crumbs of her pop tart off her skirt Kit took his hand in hers. She looked into Jess’ eyes and saw how uncertain he was as to how she might answer his question.
“Jess I can’t believe you just said that.” Jess didn’t answer her and she knew the ball was in her court.
“Listen to me mister.”
She took Jess’ face in hers two hands bracketing his cheeks, her fingers spread, and her thumbs on his cheeks. She made sure he was looking into her eyes when she spoke.
“Cole may have all those things but he’s still not you and for the record, I knew that he’d never even come close to replacing how I feel about you within the first five minutes we were together. He is a great guy, but Jess he could never measure up to you.”
Jess looked at her and she saw the shock register across his face, as he understood what she’d just admitted. He couldn’t talk. He tenderly pulled Kit to his chest and gently cupped the back of her head with both hands as he leaned towards her. “That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me Kit.”
“Not too heavy for you?” Kit asked him seriously.
“Uh-uh.” He shook his head gently. “Baby I’m going to kiss you now, okay?”
Kit’s eyes welled up and she nodded. Jess found her lips with his and their worlds collided unleashing days’ worth of pent up emotion.
Scorching sexual heat leapt off their bodies as they both struggled to get closer. Jess lifted his mouth from hers and choked out, “Clothes.” They went for each other’s shirt stripping them off and tossing them on the floor. When they reached for each other’s pants, in Jess’ case her skirt, they conked their foreheads against each other. “Ow.” Kit said as she rubbed her brow. Jess straightened and leaned in to kiss her head. “Are you okay? How is your head anyway?”
“I’m fine. Clothes remember?” She whispered in a soft syrupy voice.
“Clothes.” He repeated.
They stood naked and facing each other in less than a minute. Kit was surprised at her brazen behavior, but geez the man had her so hot it was a relief to get out of the hindering garments. Jess took one look at Kit from toes to eyes and groaned as he smashed his body to hers. Kit crawled up his frame and he helped her hitch her legs around his waist. Jess walked them to her kitchen table dropping her butt on the wooden top.
“In you, now.” He panted.
He pushed her knees open with his hands and stopped for a moment to stare at the erotic sight of Kit utterly exposed and waiting for him.
“Jesus you are beautiful woman.”
“Jess...” Kit whispered.
Jess swiped his index and middle finger through her labia ensuring she was ready for him. He lifted his fingers that were now coated in her juices to his mouth and sucked them, closing his eyes as if savoring the taste.
“Jess...now.” Kit urged him.
About the Author:

Zanne Sweeney a graduate from Kent State University is a teacher, and coach, who loves to write stories that she hopes her readers won’t want to put down. “That’s the ultimate compliment.”

When she’s not teaching, coaching, or writing Zanne loves to spend time with her family and fun loving friends. She is a novice photographer, a consummate sports fan, and is never without a book to read.

Other books by the author are Neighbors and A Chance For More (A finalist in the Readers Favorite Book Contest in the category of Romance – Sizzle).

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