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Happy New Year... and a Giveaway!

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Hi Everyone!!

First of all, Happy New Year to you all. I hope 2014 brings much goodness and happiness to your life.

If you’re a regular visitor of my blog, you’ll notice that I generally don’t post anything except for my book reviews and the tour posts. Since this is not a personal blog for chit-chats, I’d like to keep it that way. But today is a big day for Punya Reviews..., hence this post.

It’s been 2-and-a-half years that I’ve started this blog, initially as a place to keep my Goodreads reviews. I never really thought beyond it at that time. But ever since I regularly started taking part in blog tours in the mid-2012, I kept thinking of doing a giveaway of my own. I wanted to show my appreciation to anyone who has been to my blog in the past, commented and/or shared contents. It’s been a kernel of my thought for the last few months...

... Until sometimes after the 20th of this December, I just thought ‘what-the-heck’ and went ahead, inviting five Historical Romance authors, asking if they want to join my wobbly journey of ‘a-noob’s-first-giveaway’ (laugh away!). To my surprise, all of them agreed with enthusiasm, which in turn provided me with enough zeal to move forward and seriously start planning on it. Goddess Fish, of whose proud blog tour partner I am, also made me a happy girl by responding to my request for a giveaway banner (I suck at those :( ).

Now, I’ve put together a giveaway in such an astonishingly short amount of time that even I’m surprised. This giveaway is going to be a New Year celebratory giveaway of 5 awesome Historical Romances by authors Anna Campbell, Deb Marlowe, Jenn Langston, Sandra Schwab and Kate Rothwell. Each author has agreed to donate a 2013 published book from their backlist. This is a giveaway of ebooks for everybody’s convenience. And we’re choosing ONE WINNER who’d win ALL 5 books!

The giveaway is officially titled “Punya’s New Year Historical Romance Bundle Giveaway”, running date 8th-18th January, 2014. I’ll also add a new page on my page list as Punya Reviews Current Giveaway. Clicking on it will take you to the current blog giveaway post. The details on how to enter will be on the blog post, so please be sure to mark January 8th and join us here on Punya Reviews…!

I look forward to receiving you.


Anna Campbell said...

Thanks for inviting me to play, Punya. This is going to be great fun. Happy New Year!

Punya said...

Yes it is Anna! Happy New Year to you too. xx

krazymama_98 said...

Alrighty then! I have liked on facebook, so I hope I wont forget. ;-)

Punya said...

And I thank you for it krazymama_98. ;)

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