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Which Regency Hero Should You Marry?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Funny quiz, I took it and here's the result! The Knight isn't all that bad, I can totally use a bodyguard with chain mails and a big sword *wink wink* heehee But, making all those 'moves' to get what I want might make me wanna break something on his head.  See what I mean? lol

UPDATE on August 2012: I re-took the quiz and the Knight it is! lol Now, if only I knew where to find him... hmmm
This quiz was originally created by author Carolyn Jewel. To vote and find out whom you should marry, visit here.

Which Regency Hero Should You Marry?
The Knight
His great, great, great, great (a few more) was a Knight, and this hero is chivalry personified. The truth is, you little strumpet, you'll have to make the first, second and third move. He'll make the fourth. He is very very talented in bed, as all Knights are.


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