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Forever Yours by Charlotte Featherstone

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Forever Yours (novella)

Charlotte Featherstone
Historical Romance/Erotica
Published in 2007

H/h - Christian, The Duke of Sutcliffe/Elizabeth, The Duchess of Sutcliffe
Setting: London, in the 1870's.

Read in June, 2011.
My rating:

                                                                             [spoiler alert]

Another short story/novella by Charlotte Featherstone. Loved it and wish again that it was longer. The story is, as you can read from the blurb, about a couple finding each-other anew after a long marriage, kids and thousand other responsibilities.

Honestly, I've never really read a premise such as this. Well, maybe a few but they didn't explore the problem they way CF did in this story. We usually read that the characters, h/h, married and blissfully happy but we never actually think what might happened to them after a period of time, say 10 years? This short story shed some light on that aspect. Both Christian and Elizabeth had been in love when they married and very happy during the 1st few years. But, after the birth of their third child, things begin to go downhill. Elizabeth, being a mother of four, found herself in a fix between the kids, her duties as a Duchess and wife to Christian. And Christian began to think Elizabeth doesn't care for him enough to even make love to him. Sex has become just sex and nothing else, and only when they have some time for it. Even then, something would occur to interrupt that. I started enjoying it from the first page as the story picked up it's pace from there.

After a few weeks, they both realize that they underestimated themselves as well as their love for each-other. Their marriage, as a whole, deserves much more than this. Christian, at first, gave me the impression that he's annoyed by his own kids but well, not really. He's a good husband, a loving father and a responsible duke. But, what about the man inside, who crave his own identity? Same goes for Elizabeth, who's craving her own identity as a woman too. I very much enjoyed reading about their marriage before this and the way they used to be with each-other, as their thoughts reveal to us. They had some misunderstanding regarding Elizabeth's childhood friend, an artist, Adrian. Also, with Elizabeth thinking Christian might've found someone younger than her.

But, all these are soon resolved as their time apart gave them the incentive they needed, which is to think their relationship through. Christian takes the first step, in the form of a letter, which Elizabeth gladly accepts. And from there, the new beginning starts. Love scenes were great as usual, with steamy scenes and hot letters exchanges between the two. Lurved reading those! :p

Very enjoyable! A 4 star.


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